Friday, 4 September 2009

Articles on Zouk and Hot Clips......... Does Akon (RnB Artist) really sing Zouk?

Hi All,

I found a couple of great articles on Zouk and Kizomba that I wanted to share with you.

This one goes into some detail about the view on zouk music, and also includes a map of where the music is mostly known and a few comments on the topic also.

In English.

You can also have a look at Zouk Machines video clip for the song Maldon, a classic. One of the songs that used to play heaps in Porto Seguro when I was there many years ago.

The author also goes on to mention hearing zouk influences in Akons music whilst still being influenced by both RnB and Hip Hop.

A few comments on this blog are quite interesting. and theres quite alot of interesting articles on various genres of music.

Theres is also another I discovered written in Portuguese about minority genres.

If you'd like to translate this page to the language of your choice visit:

Visit this link for some cool Kizomba, Latin and RnB videos uploaded by a French Guy, originally from Madeira Island, there is an option to translate the site on the actual page, look for the little flags.

To find out more about Portugal, Madeira and Acores Islands and see the beauty of those Islands have a look at the photos on.

A few modern Zouk and Zouk RnB Clips for you.

You can now find all the updated information from this blog on

If you'd like this feed on your website, or any other web related service, get in touch with Leigh: /

Apparently she is working on getting some zouk / kizomba related activities happening and exposed in South Africa, feel free to get in touch with her if you're looking at doing something in that region.

Enjoy your weekend, and i'll leave you with this.

Does Akon really sing Zouk? What do you think?


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