Monday, 7 September 2009

First and sole Zouk Lambada instructors in Poland !!!

Salsa, Bachata, Zouk - Poland
Michalina Podolska & Kamil Borecki - IDO World Champions in Zouk

They are professional dancers with 13-year experience. They have been dancing together for 4 years.They specialize in preparing performances and shows. They are pioneers in Zouk in Poland, and in Bachata and Merengue in Kielce where they now teach those dances in the Studio Dance Factory. They teach the best polish dance couples and formation at the same time traveling around the world representing Poland at Salsa, Bachata,Zouk and Merengue championships. They twice won Polish Championships in Bachata (Gniezno'08 Wolomin'09) and they are actual IDO World Champions in Zouk. Now they want to share their experience and knowledge with Bachata and Zouk lovers.As instructors they are know for their sense of humor and professionalism.


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