Sunday, 15 November 2009

The First Lyrical Zouk; Lambada Zouk London style Workshop

On December 13th, Lindale will be hosting the first Lyrical Zouk Workshop for Beginners. The workshop will be taking place at the newly refurbished Tabernacle.

The workshop will be a well structured from the start with a warm up consisting of elements of jazz, contemporary and ballet, followed by the basic steps of Lambada zouk . We will then work on a small choreography followed by a warm down. Throughout the workshop we will be looking at the technique of follow and lead, leading from the centre, musicality, connection between self and your partner, the use of weight and balance.

This is an exciting time with Lyrical Zouk being recognised worldwide as another variation of this wonderful dance. Lindale's been performing/dancing Lambada Zouk for sixteen years, he's appeared on stage, screen and television and his known as one of the most innovative teachers in London.

Why not bring friends and family down to the Tabernacle and learn the worlds' sexiest dance.

Please note that information on the course is mentioned in "Dance Today" and there will be press coverage of this event

Powis Square
W11 2AY
Cost of the course will be 10 pounds, 9 pounds in advance and special group rates will be considered.
for further info email

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