Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Suzanna Lubrano show live on TV, 10 tickets to giveaway for this Event!!!!

Hi People, I have 10 tickets for a show in Rotterdam, Netherlands to give away.


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Venue: WATT, West-Kruiskade 26, 3014 AS Rotterdam, Netherlands.
Tel + 31 10 2179 199

Venue opens @ 5 PM, with the best Zouk-Lambada DJ's from the Netherlends

Suzanna Lubrano show with live band, Zouk-Lambada dance couples, and special guests: 8.30 PM

Tickets to the event are 10 Euros.

This event is organised for TV registration. A 54 minute compilation of the show will also be aired on TV in some other countries, and on at least 7 different TV stations in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and other regional TV channels during Christmas 2009. It’s also due to be aired on TV stations in Africa and possibly in Brazil.

It will be the first time ever for a Live LambaZouk Music & dance event to be aired by mainstream TV stations in the Netherlands.

To get your ticket simply e-mail your name and phone number (and mention the country you are attending from) to

If you’d like to go to the event with a friend or partner include their name and phone number details also. You will only be able only refer to one individual as a valid entry for the giveaway.

If you’re a lucky winner, then we will be in touch to confirm your ticket. The 1st 10 to get back to me.

Book your flights soon.

From Suzannas latest Album:

Suzanna Lubrano - Festa Mascarado

Supported by Zouk Lambada Events

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